The Youth Criminal Justice Act

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As more people continue to be imprisoned, mass incarceration is at risk. It has nothing but negative effects on societies and communities around the globe due to the fact that it leads to the substitutions of imprisonment to be underutilized, such as rehabilitation programs (Kruttschnitt, 2007). Canada’s conservative government’s Safe Streets and Communities Act has already shown a negative effect in the Canadian society. Therefore, rather than Bill C-10 achieving it’s goal in making the Canadian communities safer, it is accomplishing the opposite. Instead of focusing on incarceration and punishment, the Canadian Legal System should adapt more laws around the notion of rehabilitation and the reintegrating youth into society. REHABILITATION The youth Criminal Justice Act’s most important principle is the idea that youth must be criminalized under a criminal justice system that is different from that of adults. However this is not the case as Bill C-10 replaces the sentencing goals of the Youth Criminal justice system- rehabilitation and reintegration with setting specific deterrence and denunciation as sentencing principles similar to the principles provided in the adult criminal justice system. Imprisoning more individuals for minor offences and for longer periods of time will just make their reintegration into society a lot more difficult. This concept will decrease the spending on rehabilitation programs. Rehabilitation and reintegration are fundamental components that everyone would like to see in any society around the world. Imprisoned youth are those who usually are not financially stable or those who do not have any family support (Bala, 2015). Therefore when they leave a detention facility, they may not have the financial... ... middle of paper ... ...ity of all Canadians. If anything, this approach only leads to undesirable conclusions. Rather than prioritizing the publics’ safety through focusing on rehabilitation and protection, it accentuates on vengeance. It is an approach that will only lead to Canada becoming a less safe and secure country. Bill C-10 tends to combine the youth and adult judicial systems in terms of punishment and incarceration but with the evidence provided, the legal system along with society will be much more efficient and fair if the two legal systems had no contact with one another. The amendments made to the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) in Bill C-10 were initially intended to help maintain and ensure the safety and security of Canadians. The act is intended to make sure that the public feels more secure, but with the harsh approach it has on youth in Canada, that is not the case.

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