The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

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The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, located along side Interstate 80 near East Chiles Road, is a remarkable place to discover and observe the vast amount of wildlife that is located in and around Davis and Sacramento. This area is an example of reconciliation ecology which is defined as the science of inventing, establishing, and maintaining new habitat to conserve species diversity in areas where humans are present. It is important for humans to be able to enjoy wildlife for education purposes, and the habitat, species, and human impact represent how reconciliation ecology has evolved overtime at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. Much of this land has been restored from farmlands to wetlands and other habitats with areas for public viewing (Yolo Basin Foundation, 2016). This area houses many types of waterfowl, vegetation, predatory birds, and many other species that I did not personally witness but are obviously present. The size, habitat, and vegetation of the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area are important aspects of what makes it a successful ecosystem and a great example of reconciliation ecology. The wildlife area is about 16,000 acres in size and, 3,700 acres of this land has been restored to wetlands, however, there are still many restoration projects currently taking place (Yolo Basin Foundation, 2016). I observed that the habitat consists of lots of grasslands, aquatic plants, and riparian vegetation. The water itself is relatively clear with cloudiness in some areas and lots of plants growing in or around it. I noticed lots of areas where humans interact with the landscape, including roads, and parking lots. Despite human interference, this is still a successful ecosystem with abundant biodiversity because of reconciliation ecology.... ... middle of paper ... ...ldlife Area is a place were biodiversity and ecosystems are maintained, and where humans can learn about and interact with wildlife. The Yolo Bypass Wildlife area is being improved by restoring more of the farmland to wetlands. The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area is an important place where people can interact with and observe wildlife. This will help to educate the general public about different species, ecosystems, and how to coexist with nature. An improvement that could be made is to have more guided tours where people could learn more about the ecosystem they are seeing. The habitat that was re-established here, the species that have lived here or visited the area, human interaction and impact, and the changing of the wildlife area and human views of wildlife there are all aspects of why the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area is an important example of reconciliation ecology.

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