The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis

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In 1892 Author, Poet, and Feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote a heart gripping short story that would shock the world and bring awareness to a serious illness of depression called The Yellow Wallpaper, Charlotte was not just an ordinary author, she was intelligent, courageous, creative and also a social activist who believed in independent economic status for women. (Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Bio. Par. 4) Unfortunately, Charlotte also battled severe depression in her life time, and had to seek constant treatment for nervous breakdowns that would cloud her mind, she also brought light to her depressive illness by tapping into her deep inner-creative imagination. (Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Bio. Par. 3) Indeed Perkin’s short story The Yellow…show more content…
Her nervous state of being is almost driving her insane as she starts to focus on objects in the house such as: the heavy furniture, open spaces, and most important the yellow wallpaper. The yellow wallpaper surrounds her room and she turns her attention towards it in order to figure out its pattern and representation. Initially, she describes the wallpaper as being, “repellant, revolting, a smoldering unclean yellow, and strangely faded by the slow turning-sunlight. (Perkins-Gillman, Charlotte par.36) This insinuates her fear and sheer displeasure regarding the wallpaper. It is almost as if the yellow wallpaper is psychologically taunting her. By further examining the wallpaper and room she relates it to a children’s nursery, and her imagination begins to ponder in regards to how the imaginary children felt. Her creative imagination is making the worst out of a simplistic room in which she resides in. Consequently, her fixation grows deeper, darker, more intense, and far more dangerous to her mental…show more content…
John continues to underline her depressive illness, and more importantly she is now completely under the false illusion of the yellow wallpaper. Its patterns, structure, smell, and basic fixture fascinates her to the point of obsession and insanity. As the narrator examines the wallpaper she starts to fixate on the pattern which seems to be basic, however, she starts seeing a woman behind bars. (Gothic and the Female Voice…) In her own mind this woman is trapped and wants out like a prisoner behind bars struggling for her freedom. Although the woman behind bars is not real, she can relate to pattern. She is looking at an image of herself⎯ trapped, secluded, and overwhelmed with anxiety. The narrator has completely fallen into lost in false illusion that has become dangerous to her mental health. One might ask, “where is John?” “Why isn’t he of help as her struggle is now so severe?” It seems as though John simply does not care. John is so egotistical as he is under the false illusion that she is getting better. This is evident as he laughs at her and mentions her increased appetite and will. (Perkins-Gillman, Charlotte Par.51, 135) Indeed John is sadly mistaking her fixation that has overwhelmed her body to the point of complete insanity and ruinous
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