The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis

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In The Yellow Wallpaper, written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman in 1892, was mainly about this women who was suffering from Nervous Condition and Depression. Jane felt unease in the house. Her husband was a Physician and he kept telling her that nothing was wrong with her, but she felt like something was wrong in her mind. She told her husband that the wallpaper was ugly in the house and she wanted to change the wallpaper. He went on to say that she was over reacting. Over time she’d write in a journal every day about this yellow wallpaper. For some reason she hated it. I believe the husband acted as he didn't pay her no mind, so she would continue to hide her journal and write to ease the pain she was going through.
In contrast, the story of No Name Woman by Maxine Hong Kingston, was written in 1975. Kingston’s aunt was alienated by her family, who committed suicide because she could no longer withdraw from the crude humor amongst the villagers and her family. She became pregnant and thought to escape the hell she suffered unfortunately through suicide. In comparison, these women endured withdrawal from family and sought ways to handle their troubled lives in the worst way. Ms. Gilman describes concern for the troubled loveless relationship that occurred in the story. She also reveals the period in time when woman were supposed to be jovial instead this only drove women insane.
In No Name Woman, the story recapped some old ethics and moralities that happened back when woman had to abide according to what heritage they were a part of. According to Papke, women were known to be emotional servants. "They were dedicated to the welfare of home and family in the preference of social stability" (Papke). Men had power to retain control ...

... middle of paper ... different postpartum disorders.
An important aspect to grasp from these two stories would be the theme. Both stories are similar ensuring men’s power over women. In the Yellow Wallpaper, she is somewhat forced to repress her disorder in a way that isn't quite normal. I believe the marriage that she and her husband once had ended a long time ago. After she tried to relieve her pain through writing, she couldn't for the sake of her condition. I think it was only right to ensure she was taken care of the right way with proper treatment and created other possible solutions to relieve unnecessary problems that could cause great harm to her health. In No Name Woman, Kingston’s aunt was treated with the utmost disrespect from her community and family. It's a shame how being a woman could give you such a bad name or create bias thoughts and judgments amongst others.
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