The Yellow Wallpaper

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Chapters 12-14 Identifying Facts 1.Huck and Jim avoided being seen while floating down the river by camouflaging the raft with thickets and things of that sort. They would just cover themselves up with things of nature which served as a shelter and a hiding place. 2. Huck discovers three men on the wrecked steamboat Jake Packard, Jim Turner, and Bill. 3. Huck and Jim cannot escape the steamboat because there were drunk men in their way. 4.The steamboat sinks 5.Huck gets his information about dukes and kings from books. Chapters 15-16 Identifying Facts 1. Huck and Jim’s plan to reach safe territory was to sell the raft and get on a steamboat and go to the free states. 2. When Huck rejoins Jim after they are lost in the fog Jim has been drinking and talking “wild.” 3. Jims response to Huck’s trick is frustration. He says “ how could you make a fool of ole Jim with a lie?” 4. Huck convinces the men not to search the raft by saying that his pap is on it and he has smallpox. 5.Huck and Jim know they have passed Cairo because there was no “high ground” about Cairo. Chapters 17-18 Identifying Facts 1,After Huck forgets his name he tricks Buck into revealing it by having him spell it. 2. Emmeline Grangerford was most interested in the theme of death. 3.Huck rediscovers Jim by following a slave into the woods where Jim has been hiding. 4.Jim and Huck’s raft had been “smashed all to flinders.” 5.Huck feels responsible for Sophia’s elopement because he had fetched the book with a...

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