The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion

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The Year of Magical Thinking is Joan Didion’s account of the year following the death of her husband, writer John Gregory Dunne. The book shows how she attempts to cope with the grief of the death of her husband while tending to her daughter’s, Quintana, severe illness. In the book Didion does something, which might seem abnormal to some people. While Didion is cleaning out her husband’s closet at work she cannot find herself throwing away her husband’s shoes because “he would need shoes if he was to return” (Didion). Joan Didion reactions to death is typically American because of how people in America cannot cope with death and refuse to accept the notion that their loved one has passed away while other cultures are able to accept the idea of death because their loved ones are not gone but still here with them. Joan Didion’s reaction to when her husband passes away is characteristically American because of how she is unable to cope with her husband’s death. “[She] would still get up in the morning and send out the laundry. [She] would still plan a menu for Easter lunch. [She] woul...
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