The Yakuza a Large Crime Organization

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One is known for his occupation and what he does and what he withholds from doing. The yakuza is a large crime organization that has thousands of members that span throughout the entire world. They originated in Japan and since then have slowly moved across the globe into many different countries; they even have members in the United States today. *The yakuza is a highly organized crime organization that places great importance in respect and honor and seeks revenge when they do not receive it, they are involved in different types of crimes and they have certain characteristics that separate them from other organizations.* Based on what was being portrayed in the both movies, the yakuza’s fate is in the hands of others. By that I mean you never know who is going to betray you at any given point whether it is your own brother or a rival family member. In Outrage, there is a scene when the underboss is apologizing to Mr. Otomo about mistakenly asking a member of the Ikemoto family for money. The underboss says, “please accept these as a token of our apology”. The underboss brought them the finger of the man that disrespected them as a token of gratitude, in order for them to accept their apology; however the Ikemoto family was not satisfied and expected more. One of the members of the Ikemoto family orders the underboss to cut his own finger off which was not part of the deal. This all comes down to the respect factor that the gang demands, in this scene we saw how when one member mistakenly disrespected the family, they expected some type of payment in return. Otomo wants revenge against everyone that offends or wrongs him. Like many other gangs the yakuza do not take disrespect lightly and this leads to violence. With all of the n... ... middle of paper ... ... apart from others is if members of the organization have caused trouble such as been arrested or caused embarrassment to the organization, they would have to pay in a very brutal way; they would have their finger cut off usually the little one on the left hand, other failures can lead to loss of other knuckles. The yakuza is a powerful violent crime organization and Kitano did a great job portraying them in both of these films. Both movies were very appealing and narratively compelling and at the same time very violent, however they still depicted respect, honor, and revenge within the yakuza organization. Works Cited Abe, Kasho, and William O. Gardner. Beat Takeshi vs. Takeshi Kitano. Japan: Kaya Press ;, 20051994. Print. Sonatine. Dir. Takeshi Kitano. Rolling Thunder Pictures :, 1998. . Outrage. Dir. Takeshi Kitano. Magnolia Home Entertainment, 2010. .

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