The Writings of John Stuart Mill

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The writings of John Stuart Mill have been viewed as a pathway to becoming an individual and support for liberalism. Mill’s work On Liberty, promotes individuality as important for the positive progression of society and as good for everyone. Individualism is seen as necessary to having a progressive society that is accepting of other thoughts and lifestyles. The opinions of others is thought of as to be necessary to society, and “are rested not so much on its truth.” Mill writes from the Utilitarian view, which is taking actions that would most likely help the greatest amount of people, and this view looks at what a society should do and not what society is actually doing. Within his writings, Mill set out to solve the issue of how to be an individual that will be capable of escaping the possible oppression from the government or the tyranny of the majority but there are two weak points within the writings. First, there is inequalities created by the economy that are present in society, and second, there is the possible creation of oppression of the freedom of press by the individuality.
There are obstacles that confront individuality, and those are the tyranny of the majority and the despotism of custom. The tyranny of the majority is the oppression of the minority by popular opinion and is a bigger danger than that of tyranny of the magistrate . A group of individuals are able to establish their own rules through their customs. The tyranny of the majority can have a small group in power that have a strong influence over the majority. The minority who may control the majority can also have a strong influence in government, which can help silence the minority who possess a contrasting opinion. Tyranny of the majority diminish...

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... news outlets favor one side over another and fail to have unbiased information to sway the masses’ opinion. The press is widely used to communicate with others throughout the world therefore with its power it can rob an individual of liberty.
Liberty is incorporated with individualism, and liberty allows choices for experimentation. It is the allowing of choices that denies the tyranny of the majority and permits the expression of opinions from everyone. Mill had these ideals in his writings and presented solutions to achieving individualism. Mill does provide ideas of how to achieve individualism, and it is hard to disagree with what his idea of being an individual is, but his solutions appear unfinished. The above solutions will not solve the issue of individualism, and Mill is asking too much of a society that has too many pre-established obstacles to overcome.
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