The Writing Style Of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven

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Have you ever read a piece of dark literature and felt unpleasant because of what you just read? Do you feel a sense of dread and despair? Do you think to yourself who could write something this dark? Well, there was a gentleman that was known for his dark literature that toyed with people’s emotions and his name was Edgar Allen Poe. Now if you say the name Edgar Allen Poe most people will think about murderers and psychopaths, burials, and people returning from the dead. First let’s find out who was Poe. What kind of man was he and what made him into this writer that gave people a feeling of wretchedness when reading his works. Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. His parents Elizabeth…show more content…
Historians say Poe was very much happy in his marriage and we know that if something 's takes away the only thing that makes you happy then you can be broken as a person. What was Poe’s writing style for The Raven? The writing he use for The Raven and many of his work was called gothic. This type of writing style involves death, terror, and anything that has to due with dark themes. Again due to the multiply deaths in Poe’s life this gothic came natural to him and people during that time period like it as well because the dark themes sold more than anything else. People may have enjoyed these dark themes because maybe they wanted to know how it felt to feel scared or horrified. Even in today 's world people pay well for good scare whether it be a book, a show, or a movie. The literary devices Poe uses in The Raven makes the reader pay attention because it is helping the reader understand the poem and gives the reader a little puzzle to unlock. Repetition is used in the poem, from beginning to end with the words evermore and nothing more, it is said at the end of every stanza. Using these word creates a gloomy tone throughout the poem.…show more content…
The Raven use of the word nevermore when acknowledging the narrator 's question declares that hope is nowhere to be found. “Night’s Plutonian shore” is said in the poem and is an example of a allusion. Poe is referring to Hades who is the god of the dead. Why use this quote? It is an example of death to explaining what going to happen or what already happened in the story. Poe put metaphors in the poem so the reader can paint a picture in his/her head when reading the story. For example, “And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor” is a metaphor. In this line the narrator is explaining that the fire dying out to him looks like ghosts on the ground. What is this story trying to tell readers? What does it mean? Well depending on the person reading the story there are multiple ways to interpret this story. For example, is there really a raven speaking to the narrator or is the narrator stricken with such grief for his dead wife has he gone completely mad and just imaging a raven talking to him. Maybe the narrator wants answers so badly he will take it from anywhere including his imagination. One thing
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