The World's Freshwater Water Supply

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The source of hometown public water is recently receiving high levels of contamination. Towns, cities and states are dealing with levels of bacteria, parasites and feces living in their drinking and cleaning water. The cause of these risky water factors is from sources of sewer treatment, pharmaceuticals and old pipes in older homes. “These pollutions can unknowingly affect your safety in your home that can harm your health.” (Walls-Thumma) Water affects the health and sanitation of not only family members, but your entire home. This means everything a person wipes down, or use with a household's water may possibly be unsanitary. One of the most weary ways humans can get sick is caused by water from, “infected fish or harmful algae,” (Walls-Thumma) that wasn’t filtered thoroughly. We need to be able to treat our public and private water before it enters any mouth and body. “When people become exposed to algae-infested waters or consume fish poisoned by algal toxins, they can become ill and can even die.” (Walls-Thumma) Many homes, because of this are now turning to bottl...
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