The Worlds End is an Adventure Movie Everyone Should See

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A movie that everyone should see is The World’s End. The World’s End is a tale about 5 friends who as young adults tried a pub crawl called the Golden mile. Starting with the first post and ending with The World’s End but along the way they encountered some trouble and were not able to finish. 20 years later the “leader” of these boys (Gary King) now an adult with many issues dealing with his past wants to try it all again. He goes to visit all of his friends who are all established in their careers and have a life. Many are reluctant to join but he convinces them by saying that a certain friend who vowed never to do it again is going. While on their 2 try they realize the entire town was taken over by aliens and there seems to be no escape. There are many reasons why this is the greatest movie of all time. First of all it’s the third of a very well rounded trilogy, its nickname is the blood and ice-cream trilogy because although the movie contains some graphic violence. Furthermore the bars all have to do with the scene making the movie like some sort of fun game to play while watching. First is “The First Post” this used to be a post office but was then made into a pub. Next is the “Old Familiar”, this bar is identical to the last besides the bartender and where the main character runs into an old friend. After that is “The Famous Cock (which is a Rooster in case you didn’t know)” ironically this the bar where our protagonist Gary King has been banned for life. Following that bar is “the Cross Hands” where the gang fights a group of boys who turn out to be aliens and they realize that everyone in the town is an alien. In the “The Good Companion” Nick Frost’s character (Gary King’s best friend) finally stops being so uptight and...

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... into one of the Sirens and punches through her stomach to get his wedding ring back. (Another hole in the wall.) Once they reach the World’s End, the alien leader speaks to Gary realizing that earth cannot be taken over because of how stubborn the people are and the World as everyone knows it ends. It’s sent back into the dark ages. Even after that long running game we have what’s called the fence joke or the jump joke where the main character’s always jump over a fence and fall and in the last scene of the World’s End after countless falls the 2 main characters both jump over a fence and land perfectly. Finally throughout the trilogy every line spoken has a meaning and even the puns do. A movie like that deserves respect, the movie was as clear as a crystal and cunning as a fox. All these wonderful aspects of “The World’s End” should make everyone go and see it!
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