The Worlds Dependency On The Internet

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Over the years technology has changed mankind’s overall culture. From clocks to computers the use of electronics and tools are developing every day in almost all situations. People are continuously using technology. Some take full advantage of this and turn to this for everything. However if there are others that believe it’s more about a hindrance than a help, because of the way it distracts people. Are people depending too much on the internet? The book Shallows; What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains, by Nicholas Carr, discusses different forms of technology and how they are developing and starting to affect humans in different ways. The use of the internet has gained more popularity than ever over the past ten years.
Carr mentions in the book that new technology is destroying the way that humans think, and is making us lose ourselves a little. As reported by Carr the internet has a great impact on what we do in the present-day. The internet has a big hit on today’s youth due to the evidence that it’s making life easier and requires less work to retain information. Further through the book Carr makes good arguments on how the internet changes our mind. Carr wants us to deeply reflect on the effects that the increase in technology has had on our brains, our social lives, and our ways of thinking about knowledge. The first chapter “Hal and me” gives the readers a look at what the book is about, it discusses how people don’t have the patience to read books, and just use the internet to get information or skim through the books to get a full idea. There is a quote in the book that supports Carr’s argument “I don’t read books,” says Joe Oshea, the former president of Florida State University.
He also quotes, “I go to Google, and ...

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... I could be trying to finish a paper and my mind jumps to something that I was supposed to do later that day and I lose track of my focus.
The internet can also have its advantages it may be quick and easy for people to get there information but imagine if the world did not have the internet there would be a gap in a portion of the world little do we know. the internet is a good source for everything it gives good information and it also is helpful to students in school from elementary to college. If there is no internet then where do teachers get there assignments? Also, the internet has a big part in today’s communication. The internet is not only used for quick access to information. The internet can be used to send emails from business to business. Carr makes good points on how the internet can be a bad thing but the internet also has its pros in this argument
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