The World of VIdeography

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The world of videography isn’t easy to just pick up let alone be affordable if one hope for a high definition camera. On top of that, most HD (high definition) camera can be large or bulky. This is where the GoPro HERO comes in. GoPro is a small compact HD camera that is sold at a reasonable price, the GoPro camera has become the iconic portable, tough, universal camera. With current value of the company around 2.25 billion dollars (Hockenson, 2013), it’s easy to see that the CEO and founder of GoPro Nick Woodman has quite the innovative company. Nick Woodman first came up with the idea for a portable, durable, water tight camera while on a surf trip to Indonesia (Hockenson, 2013). By 2004 Woodman had devolved a 35mm wrist camera, and was selling it out the back of his ’74 VW Bus (Bradstreet, 2012). This innovative design took notice and met an unsupplied demand. Multiply models and nearly ten years later GoPro became the house hold name it is now. But just what made this seemingly simple ideas take off so fast and so well? There are a multiply reasons why the GoPro became so successful: a true innovative design, proper networking advertisement, proper problem solving, Woodman and his team’s philosophy. Having the right innovative product at the right time in the market isn’t enough however. GoPro as a company has also been able to stay ahead of the curve by keeping a small innovative team. The company itself is yet another explain of business done right, Woodman clearly sees his team as capable, trustworthy people (Theory Y model) and with that has been able to successfully maintain a systems theory approach with his teams. Besides an innovative product and team, Nick Woodman himself is a key element to why GoPro has done so well... ... middle of paper ... ...013, from Mac, R. (2013a, March). The Mad Billionaire Behind GoPro: The World's Hottest Camera Company. FORBES Magazine. Mac, R. (2013b, March). GoPro Evolution: From 35mm Film To America's Fastest-Growing Camera Company - Forbes. Retrieved October 2013, from Mac, R. (2013c, March). Five Startup Lessons From GoPro Founder And Billionaire Nick Woodman - Forbes. Retrieved November 2013, from Sadowski, M. (2012, December 12). GoPro success. Creating lovable brand worth $2.25 billion. Retrieved October 2013, from
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