The World of Retail

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The World of Retail

As a consumer, I have often wondered how stores keep everything neat, while other consumers always seem to dirty everything in the store. There are many attributes to a store that customers do not understand. It wasn't until I started working in the retailing community that I realized how much work is involved and the process by which everything is done.

Charlotte Russe is a women's clothing store, located next to Victoria's Secret and across from American Outpost between district one and nine at the Great Lakes Crossing Mall, in Auburn Hills, Michigan. As you walk into the store you feel like it's a store for just for just teenagers, but when you look around there are casual clothes as well as suiting for older women. We carry sizes 0-13 in pants and S-L in shirts, so there is a very large selection of clothing in the store. Whether you're out for a night on the town, or just a quiet night at home in your pajamas, we carry everything from boots right down to your underwear.

The store is fairly large- bigger than most of the other stores in the mall. When you first walk in you see boots on display on a table. You walk in front of the store and you see mannequins under bright lights wearing the latest fashions. The store is very well lit and not very many shadows are cast- there are lights all over the ceiling. Behind the boots are the racks of clothing that are constantly being straightened. To the left and right of the middle of the store are aisle-ways that lead back to the "cash wrap" and the back of the store where the fitting rooms are. The sides of the store are walls filled with clothing. Along the walls there are mirrors placed between certain types of clothing (for example, there is a mirror between the club clothing and holiday ware). Located in the very center of the store is where the "cash wrap" is located. The cash wrap consists of five registers that are inlayed in the countertops so people can look down and see what is being wrung up. Right next to the register is a Sensormatic machine that takes the theft tags off of the clothing. Under the register is a drawer that is filled with bags. Behind the register is a closet where we put the clothing that people want to put on hold.
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