The World of Psychology

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Why people do the things they do is a question people have been asking since the beginning of time. However, psychology first appeared in the 1870s. Psychology isn’t just an academic subject, its all around us. People use the principles of psychology everyday. For example, television commercials rely on psychology to persuade people to purchase the advertised product. Psychologists usually treat patients with a mental or emotional problem, but they also serve as scientists researching human behavior. They study how humans relate to each other, and work to improve these relationships. Psychologist especially concentrates on behaviors that affect the mental and emotional health of healthy human beings. In order to be a psychologist, one must know the educational requirements, the benefits, and the working conditions.
Psychologists study the human mind and behavior and help patients overcome emotional or psychological difficulties. The minimum educational requirement to work in psychology is a bachelors degree. Getting a job is very difficult at this level for competition is high. The jobs for individuals with a bachelors degree is limited. Although, can prepare them for graduate programs.
In order to be a psychologist one must have good listening skills. Many tend to try to fix people before really listening to them. If one did this, they would miss deeper issues. Many suggest working under a good psychologist or using them as a mentor to learn if the psychology field is for them. One could prepare by reading about psychology in newspapers or magazines, or taking specific classes in high school for psychology such as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or regular psychology courses, can give you an outlook for the car...

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