“The World is flat.” By Thomas Friedman

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“Globalization 3.0 is shrinking the world from a size small to size tiny… Globalization 1.0 was countries globalizing … Globalization 2.0 was companies globalizing, Globalization 3.0 – the force that give it its unique character – is the new found power for individuals to collaborate and compete “(Friedman , 2007, p. 9-10 ). Moreover, I agree with the author; since, individuals today can communicate with anyone in the world. In the past, people can only work, study and communicate with others in their environment. Moreover, a student who wants to learn economics for example had one option, which is to be physically located next to their school. Employee can only work from an office, where they have to drive there everyday. In addition, Phones brought people closer, where someone in Asia can talk to someone in Europe with easy. Today the world is changing, individual no longer need to be physically in the same location to work, study or communicate. Students in Beijing can attend an American university online while in the comfort of their homes. Working from an office is changing, where more and more people are telecommuting anywhere in the world.
At present not only you can talk to someone anywhere on the plant you can also see them using video conferencing technology .The author give the readers his prospective about this new flat world , when he wrote “ I love that concept of a company with only two offices-‘everywhere and right next to you’ ” (Friedman , 2007, p.44 ). .
Friedman in the world is flat give an overview of how the world get connected online, how people collaborate in the flat world and how individuals can benefit from this new platform.
Connecting the Globe
First, from the author point of view the globe got c...

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... their living room. In my opinion, globalization can be viewed in different ways and it may have negative effects on some people. However, examples such as khanacademy and many others show that globalization can be a good force to move the world to become better connected and collaborated.
In the end, “The World is Flat” by Friedman changed my prospective about myself and others, when I worked in the investment industry I never truly understood way would the Dow go lower, when there are bad news coming out of Europe, or why would the Nikkei, which is the Japanese stock market index, go down when there are negative economic news in the U.S. The world is connected and it will get even more connected as communication and transportation technologies improve and makes the movement of people , capital and information faster and consistent around the globe.
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