The World Without Women, By Gisela Kaplan Bacon's A World Without Women

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Female identity is a collection of social and historical factors form primarily thought social, political, and economical ideas. In numerous events throughout history and in science institutions have shaped a definition of the identity of females. The use of gender roles, stereotypes, and the discovery of biology has played a major role in justifying women 's oppression in history, reinforcing man 's masculinity in society.
Gisela Kaplan and Lesley J. Rogers wrote a passage on women 's oppression through lack of knowledge. They imply theories in their reading and illustrate the problems, the ideological concept of men being superior to women. “Moving Beyond the Nature/Nurture Debate over Genes, Brain, and Gender” written by Gisela Kaplan
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In “A World without Women,” written by David F. Nobel reveals Bacons work, an intellectual philosopher during the 16th century whom became Lord Chancellor to the new king of England, James I. “A World without Women,” discusses philosophical traditional ideas, religious principle, and the creation of institutions to subordinate women. The text argues for the exclusion of women in philosophy and looks over the creation of a male monopoly institution within the field of philosophy, asserting that men are superior of discovering new…show more content…
Women are asked do domestic duties and know little. The excerpt demonstrates women social role and support the representation of women portray by the beliefs of men and religion. Overall in this passage, science and religion is used to justify the subordination of women. The use of religion in the passage illustrates the contribution it has in identifying female identity. Religion oppresses women through negative references and social roles are depicted through the article to support and define female identity.
However in Atina Grossman gender and the feminist identity has a different perspective of how identity in women are view and yet the same concept. In ------------- written by Atina Grossman argues women usage in war through a political contribution. The article argues the gender role of German women by the end of World War II. She states how women are represented as victims of war after the fall of Hitler. Women are symbolically used to destroy German nation through the violating of German
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