The World Wide Web

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Within my time of this course I have learned many things that I believe I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to. Probably the most interesting of these, for me, was how connected everything actually is within the internet. Being so tightly connected has undeniably helped the nearly 200 countries of our world, to grow as one. This was done by how amazingly fast information can spread across the internet - but at the same time, this could be said to be one of the internet’s downfalls.
For our global project, my team chose the topic of Cyber bullying - which is a prime example of how this incredibly fast spread of information can be so bad. When bullies spread their horrible comments about their victims across the internet it can reach such a massive audience in such a short period of time, the victim can feel like there is no escaping the torment. Our textbook “Information Technology” states the best way to deal with this is to save the evidence and just block the hurtful messages (Williams & Sawyer, 2013, Pg. 493), as in a way of “out of sight, out of mind” - b...

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