The World War Torn Universe

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The humm of the engine drowns out all conflicting noises, until it 's the only thing left; a constant reminder of their duty. The duty to preserve the Imperium, no matter the cost in lives. Such is the will of the God-Emperor of Mankind- The brighest star, in the vast abyss of a war-torn universe. How many lives will it take? How long will it last? These two questions lie on the unyeilding resolve of the men in this Valkyrie. These two questions rely on the resourcefulness of an entire race. These two questions depend on the simplest of all matters- how far they are willing to go. Something which plagues the men like disease, ever present in the deepest stretches of their subconscioussness. Ever since they stepped into the flying weapon of destruction, they have been constantly going over their last remnants of home. Will it be there when they get back? No matter the person, their last dying thought is of the place they call home. Whether it 's a cosy house, or a damp gutter in the street, it 's the comforting memory that drives them on. Out of nowhere, the men are shaken from their self-imposed trance by the echo of cannonfire. It 's roar ripping apart the air, drowning out all deliberate attempts to shut it out. For Sergeant Gicker this is just a formality. He knows the horror that awaits his men down there. "Prepare for landing!" his fellow sergeant bellows to the shaking men. Immediately, the soldiers dart up, a few whispering prayers, begging the Emperor for his divine protection. However, Gicker has a feeling it will not do them much good. Most of them will die. It 's only a matter of how many. It 's a shame, but, alas, it 's the truth. Death is only a certainty for the vast majority of his squad. Make that the vast ... ... middle of paper ... ...left side. "The rest of you maggots, take down as many of the filth as you can." he rounds off, meaning every word. Following his commands, they take cover on the sandbags to the right of the two other guardsmen. Taking out his own pistol, the veteran stands tall over his soldiers like a guardian angel. The battle hasn 't even begun yet, however, an unavoidable ominous aura takes over the determination. The stench of fear chokes them all, until all senses are saturated with it 's impurity. What have they gotten themselves into? Overwhelming force? Sheer numbers? There is still that one thought clings onto their hearts. Hos far are they willing to go? Before they could hope to answer it, a piercing roar emerges. It 's voice coated with rage and bloodlust, begging for death. From the valley comes dust, and the rumple of feet on ground. From the valley, comes green.
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