The World War II The Ussr And The United States

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Prompt 3 With Nazi Germany defeated, two powerhouses emerged from World War II the USSR and the United States. The Cold War can be described as a state of tension between two countries trying to promote their ideological values among other countries, without actually going to war themselves (proxy wars), nuclear arms race, and mass propaganda. With the U.S being able to out maneuver the USSR back into Russia. The Cold War began in 1947 as more of a verbal war, which was advertised through television, newspapers, radio, magazines etc. The two ideologies during the war were Capitalism (American West) and Communist (power to the people). These ideas were influenced by political, religious, military, social, and economic aspects of what these super powers believe was the best way to govern the masses. This ideologies divided nations in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and parts of the Middle East which lead to proxy wars. After WWII, peace was restored throughout Europe, however the former agreement with Stalin, Truman and Churchill at Yalta had got gone on in smoke. Franklin D Roosevelt had passed away and Winston Churchill lost his position as British prime minister. Despite their deal still being honored from the former Allies at the Potsdam Conference, there where tension between Truman and Stalin over political ideologies. For the most part, Truman upset Stalin by saying he did not agree with him and what he was doing was wrong. (“U.S history class at EVC). Churchill was determined to keep political freedom and democratic governments from Stalin ambition to dominate all of Europe and the rest of the world under a Global Communist regime. Each side could not tolerate their i... ... middle of paper ... ...ney on warfare that there people became malnourished and upset. Nikita Khrushchev and Kennedy made a deal, saying they will not go to nuclear war, they disarmed the missiles in Cuba and U.S would take missiles out of Turkey. This was never an actual war to begin with just a bunch of proxy wars and empty threats. Kennedy made a statement that the USSR was the first one to blink. This led to fall USSR because its people gave up on the idea of Communism. Gorbachev open the late trade in the 1980-1990’s allowing free trade with Russia. Gorbachev pursues a different policy than previous Soviet leaders. This later had lead to fall of the Berlin Wall. The USSR later was reunited United Nation again as Russia rather the USSR. As for the countries they took over they were liberated and split up. This cause the U.S to win the war because they were the only superpower left.

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