The World War I Am A Holocaust Survivor

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There are not many individuals like Alter Wiener who are still living in 2015. He is a Holocaust survivor, one of only a handful of people who lived through the atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party from 1933-1935. In his autobiography, Weiner shares his personal stories and gives the reader a better understanding of what it was really like to go through this period. These stories are crucial to a society that is losing Holocaust survivors every single day. Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933 after Germans endured years of hardship under the Weimar Republic which was a democratic government set up in Germany after World War I. Under the Republic, the economy was horrible, the unemployment rates skyrocketed, and the conditions of living were very unfavorable. Obviously dissatisfied, the German people looked for a new form of government. Knowing the people were looking for better lives, Hitler took advantage of the dismal situation and used it to gain support. He promised better a better way of living for the people, and vowed to restore a great sense of German pride. At the time, it was hard for people to go against something that sounded as great as Hitler’s plan did. With the overwhelming support, Adolf Hitler was elected to be the Chancellor of Germany. However, a major part of Hitler’s plan to rebuild Germany was to create a scapegoat for the problems following World War I. At the center of these false accusations were Jewish people. They were blamed for causing all of Germany’s problems, but in reality they had nothing to do with them at all. They were discriminated against and targeted by the Nazis. There were anti-Jewish laws put in place, Jewish book burnings became a regular occurrence, and Jew... ... middle of paper ... ...War II, but reading this autobiography gave me another perspective that I had never seen before. Since Weiner was just a teenager when he was taken prisoner, it made it more relatable because I am at the same age now as he was when he was in the concentration camps. Thinking about how my childhood and teenage years have been so far and comparing them to Alter’s experiences has made me realize how lucky I am to have such a great life, free of oppression and cruelty. I couldn’t imagine losing my mother and father, and then having to go through five concentration camps. The thought of that is just so saddening. There aren 't many remaining Holocaust survivors, so it is so important to listen to their stories and experiences in order to get a better understanding of what happened during the Holocaust. Through Alter Wiener’s autobiography, his story will live on forever.
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