The World Of Time For The Second Time

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i. It was a rainy afternoon in Seattle when he left her at the Crossroads of Time for the second time. Veda didn’t start to worry until she counted to three million, seven hundred and eighty-four. Then she lost count, again. She began to wonder if Layke was coming back for her. They had another fight, about the unwashed dishes or the unorganized closet or the tall blonde she’d kissed on Saturday night at the Days Inn or any number of little annoyances that seemed to continue to pile up. But she knew that in a long-term relationship with a Time Traveler, things became challenging on occasion. Last time he’d dumped her here, he’d come back after count about a thousand with a smile on his face. b. Thesis-Time is a measurement, an illusion, and a continuous thought of humankind. II. Measurement a. Definition i. Noun- the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole ii. Verb-plan, schedule, or arrange when(something)should happen or be done b. Origin i. Old English- tīma, of Germanic origin: related to tide, which it superseded in temporal senses. The earliest of the current verb senses(dating from late Middle English)is ‘do (something) at a particular moment c. Interpretation in the past i. The interpretation of time has evolved immensely over many years of doing many studies and calculations. Conventionally, time is separated into three sections; the “past”, “present”, and the “future”. There are several philosophical approaches to the ontological nature of time. This takes all the points of time and states that they are all as equally “real”. This opposes with the presentist idea, which is the belief that on the present is real. Lastly, there is the growing block universe... ... middle of paper ... ...made measures. The whole human existence revolves around these manufactured systems. A foot is not a unit of true measure, it was created. All socials systems that have been altered and adapted are all mere sketches. One foot is twelve inches, that’s what is said, but one foot has never equaled twelve inches. There are no numbers and no letters, for that matter. Society has codified the existence of humankind to bring it down to a fathomable and comprehensible size. A scale has been adapted so that the unfathomable scale will not be forgotten. The only true unit of measure is the measure of time, it is what proves the existence of matter. Without time, not as a measure, but as concept, nothing exists. That idea is what lingers throughout the minds of many individuals, whether they are conscious of it or not. Time is what gives the possibility of their true existence.
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