The World Of The Ancient Civilization

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When looking back at many of the ancient civilizations, we can learn things about them based on documents written during that time periods and the events that took place. From these things, we can tell what they valued and the meaning behind these values. In Ancient Greece, many of their ideals are prominent in their practices, especially those performed during the earliest Olympic Games, which is something that Greece is known for. Many people know that the Games started here and that the gods were an influencing factor, but that is the extent of their knowledge. Little do they know, there were many sacrifices, rituals and praises to worship their gods during the Games. This shows a lot about their culture and how their values effect they feel towards these spiritual idols. These values were so highly respected during these times that they still respect those who had them, such as Zeus, today. The many rituals that took place during the Olympic Games and pieces of literature written during the time show that Zeus was the most masculine of the gods, and because of the high value of masculinity in Ancient Greece, it is shown that Zeus was and still is the most praised of the gods, especially during the games. Even though the worship of the Greek Gods was so long ago, the love and respect of them is still shown today. Zeus still has a highly valued image, because of how intense the cultural values and opinion of him was during the Ancient Olympics. The Greek Gods are still very well-known because of the everlasting image that was formed during this time, and this is especially true for Zeus. Some historians even say that Zeus dominated the land of Olympia and the rituals that were performed during the Games. This shows just how... ... middle of paper ... ...nt figure in Greece back in ancient times, and because of the ideals present in the culture, he was an idol to his people. His masculinity and power made him seem to be the greatest god in the world, and to those who worshipped him, he was just that. These traits made those who participated in the games as well as other Greeks believe that Zeus was the most highly important of all. This was shown through the rituals that they performed, as well as the texts that were written, and is still shown in documents written about Zeus today. This display of affection towards Zeus from their earliest time of the games and its everlasting presence give historians a good idea that in Greek culture, ideals were very strong and exceedingly important. This may be true for all cultures, but based on ancient texts and the events of the Olympic Games, it is very true for the Greeks.
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