The World Of Case Management

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Vulnerable Groups Paper The world of case management is one of many varieties, complexities, and needs in the home and in the community. There is no universal characterization of vulnerable groups in society. Therefore, society has an obligation to take care of such groups living in its community. The vulnerability of children is normally one of the highest vulnerable groups in the world. This is due to how interconnected children’s rights are to women’s rights. Prior to birth a child’s survival and growth are dependent on the mother’s health and opportunity, which is the beginning of a downward spiral of young person’s vulnerability. Followed by a poor household or a household that has a poor social network is more at risk for vulnerability, a shock to the household being (death, addiction, incarceration, illness, violence) of a parent. Loss of protection (abuse, lack of food, or a need to support him/herself), or the child is disconnected from the family and or household by way of the foster care system. Over twenty years ago, Health Affairs published a special fifth-anniversary issue on health and poverty (Spring 1987). Focusing on numerous population groups that nowadays would be regarded as “vulnerable”, consistent with Webster’s meanings as “capable of being physically wounded” and “open to attack or damage”. However, the perception of vulnerability never appears in the issue. This brings up the discussion: Would the issues discussed in the present volume be the same as those discussed more than 20 years ago, with new labels, or have fundamental shifts occurred in our perspectives (Mechanic & Tanner, 2007? Back then the focused populations were poor people, the homeless, the elderly, people with chronic diseases ... ... middle of paper ... ...e new clientele change of case management. These children need to have a secure safety net back to a source of nurturing. Today case management needs to be more than the normal of a short-term solution. It needs to involve long-term solutions that will affect and secure the connected family generation. The new intervention approach in case management addresses the one 's goals, intervention structure, the focus of practice and one’s practice style. Providing the client with life skills to be successful will change their vulnerability course and the course of theirs and others future generation. Awareness among our political representatives and the public about vulnerable groups increases their life chances of safety and quality of life of our society. Case management should always be a permanent way out of the system with only a temporary stay in the system.
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