The World Needs a Refugee Republic

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Refugees and migrants represent not merely a problem but also a solution in the sense of Global Capital Infrastructure. If configured as a trans-global net that inculcates its own form of statehood, the world's refugee population in totol is the best candidate for a socio-economic and political/ideological avant-garde of the millennium. A Refugee Republic may become a model state for the rest of the world which heretofore has relied on gradual modifications of exhausted historical, socio-political structures. The historical refugee republics of modern history, the USA foremost, show that a steady flow of foreigners is an essential part of the success of the richest countries in the world; yet, public consciousness of this fact is at an all-time worldwide low. Even refugees suffer an identity crisis. With its reduced social and ecological capacity to take in new refugees, the USA is losing long-term international authority and ideological right of leadership as it will eventually no longer convincingly represent a comprehensive spectrum of cultures, civilizations and religions. At the same time, national borders all over the world become ever less permeable which may be explained by the easy availability of surveillance electronics and passive war machinery, especially mines. Borders can be projected at whim with a minimum of effort. On the other hand, ethnic, national, and geographical zones of tolerance fall victim to the transportation and information revolution/explosion. Today, it appears to be easier than ever to start a war and more difficult than ever to end it. The officially acknowledged 23 million refugees of an ever-growing refugee population (unofficially estimated at 50 million) is scattered all over the... ... middle of paper ... ...opportunity to fine-tune international law and ordinances, decisions and ideals of the UN, and to implement them as a model. Above all, it will develop a contemporary ubiquitous understanding of human rights and duties and try to implement them. The constituting factor is being human under adverse conditions ó a situation more and more threatening to become the norm for the rest of the world. The "multiplicity gone wild" lamented by Ralf Dahrendorf describes a fate that the Refugee Republic already confronts with the utmost consequence. This unique supranational and supraterritorial state deserves membership and corresponding representation in the UN, as well as other international organizations, in order for the world public to be able to watch the experiments, experiences, and solutions. It will thus be able to participate in the most direct way possible.
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