The World Needs Abortion

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One of the most important philosophical issues ever concerns the definition of a person and who is able to feel. Abortion, which is a deliberate termination of pregnancy, is one of the most important practical applications of that issue. Life on Earth is threatened with destruction from overpopulation and the poverty that overpopulation causes. Fortunately, abortion can prevent overpopulation. The question about whether abortion should be done is primarily the question about whether the embryo or fetus is a person. In most cases, the embryo weighs less than 100grams: less than 10% of human brain. Abortion should be legal since it is useful and since humans become conscious after birth, not before.

Values for Human Society

People are protected by ethics and by law since they are able to feel. Many actions are considered immoral because they cause innocent people to feel pain. If an object cannot feel, then it will not feel pain if damaged, and the treatment of the object is chosen to benefit those who feel.[1]

In general, actions are considered best when they cause the greatest happiness to the society, the collection of all conscious[2]objects. (In this paper, objects are used as a generic term for anyone or anything.) To prevent unbearable pain and cruelty, and to prevent abuses that can destroy the entire society, every conscious object has the fundamental rights of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." (Jefferson) Any distinction among objects that feel should only be based on what the objects do since no reason exists to distinguish otherwise. Thus, a person is best defined as a conscious object.

Of crucial importance is when abortion should be performed. If a human embryo is conscious, its rights should ...

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...ut temporarily ceased to be conscious, then killing the object would affect a conscious object since the conscious object existed and if left alive, the object would resume consciousness.

[2] Conscience refers to the ability to feel and to comprehend the ability to feel. Since feeling is meaningless without comprehending, an object that is not conscious cannot feel. Moreover, all direct evidence that an object can feel comes from its communication of the ability.

[3] Feeling is required since it is the only way to obtain information about the world. Thus, denying existence of feelings is denying all information about the world, including its existence.

[4] Religion is also based on facts and logic; however, discussion of religion is beyond the scope of this research paper.

[5] The quotes are used to set apart views and are original, not from some source.
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