The World Is Too Much With Us

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People have looked at technology innovations as a thing that has helped the world in more ways than one. In reality, technology innovations such as machines and mass assembly have made people become lazy and not want to learn more than what they need to use these innovations. “Many modern writers were paradoxically repulsed by aspects of modernization” because they felt it was “weakening the influence of organized religion” (Greenblatt 1890). As technology advances increase, people during the romantic period, victorian period, and modern age were becoming more ignorant. The World it too Much With Us, The Idea of a University, and The Waste Land were written by their authors to show how these advancements have negatively affected people's mind. …show more content…

It is about the clash within nature and humankind. He states “The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers” (Wordsworth 1-2). Wordsworth is stating in this sonnet man is blowing away his chance on earth by not acknowledging the nature around him. It is as if he is warning people that they are dismissing what is important in the world which Wordsworth believes is nature. He hopes for a considerably less complex time when the advance of humankind was tempered by the limitation nature forced. He felt like people were absorbing themselves in material things more than they should be. He believes that material things are getting to be the most important thing to people and thinks it is a ignorant belief. Wordsworth believes that “human connection with nature has been lost in the materialism of modern culture” (Constantakis 302). People are losing touch with what connects them to humanity and this shows how people are becoming ignorant because they have started to ignore real life and live in a modern imaginary world. Worldworth believes that …show more content…

Eliot, a modernist, wrote The Waste Land to show how people were getting more ignorant as modern advances were coming along. Eliot wanted to expose the standards of Modernism with his exact portrayals of society to highlight the reality of the real world. He asks “What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow Out of this stony rubbish? Son of man, You cannot say, or guess, for you know only A heap of broken images” (Eliot 19-22). He utilized language as a way to remove the not as educated working class from understanding what he was talking about in his poem to show they needed more education. Eliot believed that people in the modern age did not care about anything and were becoming lazy. He does not understand what they could get out of the modern world. They are living in a industrialized society that does not have tradition. The explanation behind society's fall is the amnesia that numerous individuals have a tendency to not remember about their social past. They act as if the past never happened and go along with all the modernism that they have began to rely on. This also shows how religion has been smashed or broken into sections by advancement, and Eliot has a feeling of uneasiness that covers the spiritual world. With these advancement making it easier to get ahold of information, people can easily read something about a religion and believe it because they are so naive. Eliot felt that because of this people were becoming out of touch

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