The Women’s Rights Debate

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Due to the current intensification of the reproductive health debate, the American public has recently been blasted with a plethora of media coverage of birth control and women’s rights related issues. It seems rather absurd, in this day in age, to abruptly attack contraception and birth control practices. In my opinion, this sort of rhetoric is counter-productive and tends to further divide the American public on issues that, for most of us, seem to be indisputable. Furthermore, the current women’s health rights dispute undermines the achievements of a countless number of activists and visionaries that date back to the foundation of the Republic. In the subsequent lines, I will briefly analyze the present women’s health rights debate by contrasting it to the spoken words of Sojourner Truth and Shirley Chisholm documented in their memorable speeches “Ain’t I a Woman?” and “Equal Rights for Women,” respectively.

Sojourner Truth, an African-American women’s rights activist, covers a wide range of issues facing women in the nineteenth century in her notable address “Ain’t I a Woman?.” Ms. Truth recognizes in her speech that the women’s rights movement is generating considerable racket across the board. She challenges society’s fundamental propensity to provide white women with special privileges that are not extended to their black counterparts. Truth further argues that she is not only identical to a white female, but also perfectly similar to a white man: “I could work as much and eat as much as a man - when I could get it - and bear the lash as well!” By appealing to pathos by sharing her heartrending experiences as an ex-slave and the mother of thirteen children, Truth tries to depict her human condition. Unfortunately, des...

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... public discourse and activism, were able to significantly challenge ill-constructed norms that forcefully discriminated against women in their respective epochs. They also questioned society’s tendency to target women as inferior individuals by depriving them of their inalienable rights. The recently introduced social conservative’s reproductive health policies have proven to be an imminent threat to women’s rights, especially African-American females, and will further contribute to the degradation of women in America. I truly believe that both, Sojourner Truth and Shirley Chisholm, would be disturbed to realize that women’s reproductive rights are in danger after years of progress in the field. In conclusion, women rights have always been an extremely loud and incredibly close issue that have influenced and shaped the American political discourse for centuries.
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