The Women of Brewster Place

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"They were hard-edged, soft-centered, brutally demanding, and easily pleased, these women of Brewster Place" (Naylor 5). This is how Gloria Naylor describes the main characters of her novel, The Women of Brewster Place. Each woman's story is unique but also intertwines with the lives of each of the other women mentioned in the book. Their tales contain tragedy, hope, love, courage, strength and a whole slew of other emotions. Reading about these people brought me back to my summers at home in Minnesota. Not because I grew up in the projects or dealt with the kinds of things that these women did, but because my summer was spent playing the game I love with people who were much less fortunate than I. These guys were my teammates, my close friends, and between the months of May and September, they were like brothers to me. I confidently strolled into Holy Angels High School gym last March. It was the end of my high school basketball career, but the summer Amateur Athletic Union season was just beginning. This would be my fourth year trying out for the Howard Pulley Panthers basketball program. Each age group had a first and second team, and we were the top two teams in the state of Minnesota each summer. We then traveled to some of the most prestigious basketball tournaments in the country. The past three summers I had made the first team once and was placed on the second team for two years. I was pretty sure there was a spot for me on one of the seventeen and under teams, and I was fortunate enough to be put on the first team for this year. Most of the kids on the team I had played with during previous summers, but there were a few guys I would be meeting for the first time. Our team was diversified, to say the least; we ranged in height from 5'10 to 6'9, we were black, mixed-race, and white; some of us were from the suburbs, some lived in the slums of Minneapolis and St Paul; but above all, once we stepped on a basketball court we became one cohesive unit. Basketball was to my teammates and me as Brewster Place was to the women in Naylor's story. No matter how different our lives and backgrounds were, we came together and had a profound impact on each other's lives during the summer.
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