The Woman in American Government

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In the early days of America, women had little to do with the forming government. Women were often told not to be involved with the business of a man, politics. It was not even until 1920 when women earned the right of suffrage through the passage of the 19th Amendment. Today, the roles of women in American Government are changing drastically, and more and more women are becoming significant political figures. One female political figure that is very active in American Government today is Hillary Rodham Clinton. By far, Hillary Clinton is the most prevailing woman when it comes to American Government. She is unprecedented in paving ways for women to be more involved in the government. People often accredit her marriage to Bill Clinton for her involvement in the government, but even before and after her marriage, she was active in politics. Before making any conclusions, however, it is important to peer into her political track, and then analyze how she has influenced American Government.
From the beginning Hillary Clinton knew what she wanted to do with her life. In her undergraduate Commencement speech from Wellesley College she stated, “The challenge now is to practice politics as the art of making what appears to be impossible, possible” (Rodham). It is very important to note that this was even before she met Bill Clinton. This showed her dedication and ambitions for politics. She planned to practice it with dignity and now after a lifetime of being politics her achievements are unmatched. Hillary Clinton knew that practicing politics would be precarious and risky, but she went ahead and followed her aspirations. She demonstrated to women that it can be done by achieving far into the realm of American politics,...

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