The Wolf of Wallstreet

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I saw the film “ The Wolf of Wall Street “ at the Gateway Theater on a Saturday night with my two quiet friends when it was not opening night. It was a normal, not 3-d IMAX production. The theater was less than halfway full and the theater was uncomfortably quiet when we walked in. The mood of the crowd was unsettling and almost fatigued. The film was 179 minutes long which made the film feel exasperated and tiring. At one point during the movie, I dozed off after being in the theatre for a copious amount of time. The film featured critically acclaimed actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and Matthew McConaughey. In addition, the film’s director is the Golden Globe winner for best director, Martin Scorsese. The setting of the movie was New York City and begins in 1987. The transportation includes helicopters, the subway, cars, boats, and airplanes. The clothing closely resembles business attire and styles of the late 80’s which included shoulder pads, thick framed glasses, odd patterns, but additional solid color “typical” and modern business suits. The business women wear colorful and patterned suits adorned with shoulder pads and volumes; however, some women in the film have a more modern styles that do not reflect the late 80’s and air on the side of being scandalous. The make- up was light and almost unnoticeable with the very few women that were featured for more than a second. The film’s music consisted of constant energizing mix of blues, hip hop, disco, dance tunes, and indie rock including artists such as the Foo Fighters, Cypress Hill, Sir Mix a Lot, Bo Diddley, and Billy Joel. Rarely in the movie exists a quiet section that does not have background music. The camera angle and filming style is most often straig... ... middle of paper ... ...he main character and the portrayal of women; however, when I asked males for their opinion about the film, they had nothing but praise for the movie stating that it was “inspiring”. The ability of the film to be interpreted various ways also fits my personal definition of art because I believe that upholding multiple interpretations and not having a clear right or wrong interpretation is art’s defining factor. Lastly, the surrounding space heavily influenced my judgement because the theatre’s massive size filled with multiple individuals magnified my uncomfortableness due to the film’s abundant use of nudity which directly influenced my judgement. My uncomfortableness affected my judgment negatively and highlighted more of the aspects I disliked such as the sexism in the film instead of positive aspects such as the superb and diverse background music that was used.

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