The Wolf-Personal Narrative

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I decided to pack up and leave my husband. I was young when I married and it wasn’t a good idea. I am planning on going to San Francisco to visit my pen pal. I have stumbled across some wolves and I am rather scared of what they may do to me. I am just going to lay low for the time being. I am starting to get very hungry, I only packed enough food for a week and this is the eighth day that I have been gone. My father believed that you could talk to wolves, so I figured I would give it a try. The wolf just snarled at me, so I backed away and spent the next few minutes watching how it interacted with the other wolves. After watching the interaction I am feeling more comfortable around the wolves. I would really like to communicate to them that I…show more content…
It was a traumatic time in my life. I had been taken care of by Kapugen until he went away. Kapugen taught me that if I listen to the language of the animals and learn about their enemies they would help me out. He got everything set for me such as staying with my aunt and arranging who I would marry when I was 13. I didn’t really want to go to school, but I was told that I had to it was the law. So, I ended up going, but it wasn’t my favorite thing to do. I was unsure about this whole marriage thing, but I just wanted to leave my aunt’s house so I agreed to it. I hardly saw Daniel which made it seem like I wasn’t anything more than a friend to him. I have learned the trade of sewing from his mother. She would rely on me to make parkas for the people that came to Alaska to visit. Today, I met this man and he asked if I would be his daughter’s pen pal. I was so excited to read the letter and send one back to her. Daniel was getting made fun of because he wouldn’t mate with me, so I had made that decision that it was time for me to go. This relationship wasn’t working out and I want to go to San Francisco to see my pen pal Amy. I am scared, but it’s what I need to
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