The Winners And The Losers

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The Winners and The Losers
Throughout history there has been a disconnect between, countries who have mass amounts of impoverished people and those other countries who have an ample amount of resources at their disposal leaving countries desperate. No matter how much the world attempts to create a free and fair trade system, there will always be winners and losers because we live in a capitalistic society, where competition is a major deciding factor in everyone’s life. The advantage of living in this type of society is the competition to produce for the lowest prices possible, it allows prices to be cheaper and certain necessities to be more accessible for more people, but is violating someone else’s rights worth it? Truth be told all these options have valid points and all options should play some part in the trade policy. The trade policy should reflect all these options, the real issue is how do we limit the greedy elite from taking advantage of the small businesses. But the options that should be prioritized is option 2 and option 4 mainly because no one lives should be altered because these corporations are coming into countries and people are losing their jobs, and instead labor demanding jobs are given to people who are not fit to do the work. The trade policy should secure people by capping the amount of jobs and American made products overseas, to maintain the wealth distribution.
One of the biggest economic challenges is deciding whether commercial competition is healthy, or is it causing more harm towards local workers than good. The issue with our foreign policy today is the harm of our businesses that are going overseas causing foreign businesses to shut local markets and farms down. The migration of American comp...

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...e the U.S to invest in good health care systems and good educational systems. Although the U.S is taking advantage of an best case scenario, there needs to be a better way of distributing business and wealth in economies. No groups of people should be subjective to give someone else a dollar, human rights must come first before the economic success, so workers’ rights should be improved and constantly enforced. Rivoli has revealed the fact that someone may be getting hurt in a T-shirt factory because they messed up on a T-shirt that someone may buy while on vacation in Florida. It is not okay and it will never be okay to choose winners and losers before the choice even started. It’s bigger than what country is on top it’s about families being fed, it’s about all kids receiving education, it’s about everyone working for what they get without cheating anyone else over.
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