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Introduction To what extent did The White Rose oppose and act on their opposition of Nazi policies in Germany during World War II? Throughout World War II, hundreds of German organizations existed that opposed the Third Reich, one of which was The White Rose. A student led group, The White Rose published six leaflets that served to convince other Germans to defy the regime of Adolf Hitler. These students were persecuted and killed for their actions in Nazi Germany but are revered as heroes in modern Germany. I have always found myself interested in opposition groups, who had the courage to stand up when others would not. The White Rose exemplifies this quality and thus seems like a perfect topic. This paper will explore the opposition of…show more content…
With all the tragedy and drama of a Hollywood movie, the capture, arrest, trial, and execution of the core members of the White Rose brings about a startling conclusion to the lives of many and, ultimately, the White Rose. The events leading up to this started on February 18, 1943 when Hans and Sophie Scholl headed to the University of Munich with the intention to distribute a briefcase of leaflets before attending their classes of the day. They deposited most of the leaflets outside the doors of lecture rooms that would open momentarily. The sibling’s next action would determine the course of the rest of their lives and it is still not clear why Sophie then did what she did. Seeing that there were still many leaflets remaining in the briefcase, Sophie decided to throw them over the balcony of the atrium at the University (Dumbach 146). This was a very dangerous action and it has been debated for years as to what caused Sophie to make this mistake. Some claim that the Scholls knew that the Gestapo was on their trail and wanted to instigate a final act of rebellion against the German state (Wittenstien Part 3). Another theory involves the Scholls wanting to distribute all the leaflets due to the trouble that was taken to make them (White Rose Movement). The most likely occurrence was that Hans and Sophie indulged their youthful tendencies and took a chance. The custodian of the building, Jacob Schmid, saw them and the Gestapo were immediately summoned (Dumbach 146). The siblings were ordered to be taken to Gestapo headquarters and, upon hearing this, Hans Scholl immediately took out a paper from his pocket, tore it to pieces and proceeded to shove it into his mouth (Dumbach 147). This was the 7th leaflet and Christoph Probst name was on it. The Gestapo officials tackled Hans and forced him to spit out the paper and discovered the

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