The Western diet

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Americans eat food what and when they want to eat. Americans eat affluent the Western diet because food industries manufacture products that they make available at a cheap price by mass production. Since 1950’s, food industries manufactured the Western diet, and the food choice has been changed that Americans become to choose food which is more inexpensive, convenient, ans tastable. However, the change makes Americans consume too much the Western diet and provides them some health issues. The Western diet includes too much of sugar, salt, and fat. In addition, farmers inject their livestock artificial chemicals to grow faster. Therefore, Americans easily get Western diseases, which include heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, hypertension, and stroke. Although they may understand the dangers of living off a high calories, saturated fat diet, the challenges of going off the Western diet overwhelm Americans to the point that they forgo any radical changes to their daily consumption of food. Going off the Western diet provides Americans challenging problems: challenging of money, time, and advertisements of problems. First of all, Americans face to money problems to go off the Western diet. Consuming the Western diet benefits that the Western diet costs low-priced rather than preparing healthy food such as organic food. Americans choose the Western diet more than healthy food because some Americans do not earn enough money to buy healthy food. Consequently, Americans consume too much of the Western diet. However, consuming the Western diet will make Americans pay more money. According to the report in the book In Defense of Food, Kerin O’Dea determines that consuming the Western diet, more than traditional food, such... ... middle of paper ... ...nts tell untrustworthy information to Americans. Therefore, Americans should not listen what food industries say to consume Americans still consume the Western diet because they believe consuming the Western diet will be benefits. However, consuming the Western diet provides Americans health issues. Buying medicine to heal the issues costs more, and getting health issues provides Americans a shorter life span. Americans need to notice that consuming the Western diet will not become benefits. In addition, even tough food industries tell other benefits of consuming their products by using advertisements, all information that advertisements tell has a lack of creativity. Americans should not listen to what food industries say by advertisements. Consuming the Western diet do not have benefits. Therefore, Americans should go off the Western diet and eat healthy food.
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