The Well Ordered Soul : Happiness And Harmony

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The word “happiness” may seem for a moment easy to understand or interpret. However, after thinking deeply, one may change his/her thought about it. It is complicated to explain what happiness is; thus, it is difficult to identify what leads to happiness, which a reason for the disagreements of philosophers on this topic. There are steps before reaching the state of happiness and this paper is trying to reveal some of them according to two sources: “The Well-Ordered Soul: Happiness and Harmony” lecture by professor Gendler at Yale University, and the “Flow” TED talk by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. The ways of approaching happiness, if applied by people, can be used to enhance the society’s production in different fields, for example: technology, medicine, and education. Firstly, from the Yale lecture, the way discussed to achieving happiness is for a person to have a well-ordered soul. According to Plato, the human soul is divided into three parts: the rational part, where one acts according to wisdom; the spirited part, where one follows courage from others; and the appetitive part, where one depends on moderation and justice. He suggests that in order to achieve happiness a person have to welly organize these parts in his/her soul. To do so, the rational part has to be the reason behind one’s actions and decisions. On the other hand, the spirit and appetite come as secondary tools to help support the rational part. Recognizing all three parts and knowing how and when to use each one leads to formation of a harmony in the soul. This harmony helps the soul to be well shaped and perhaps happy. Another way mentioned in the lecture, beside having a well-ordered soul, to achieve happiness is to be moral. Morality is correlated with ju... ... middle of paper ... ...tive ways of delivering information to their students. This will have a huge influence on the education field and take it to higher levels which gives advantages to the society to have well-educated people. Being happy while doing any work that involves the society will add quality to the results. In conclusion, the ways to happiness vary and the approaches differ. Being in flow and eliminating the self-consciousness while doing an enjoyable activity or work can be one way. Another one is to put all three soul parts: rational, spirited, and appetitive, on line and know how to control them in a justice, moral and good way. Happiness relies on the person not on the external supplies. In addition, experiencing harmony is a key indicator for happiness. Being happy has far more effects than the feeling of joy a one has, it extends to the society and the dynamics of it.

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