The Welfare Programs and The Economy in the United States

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Small businesses are contrived to give all of their employees health care due to Medicare. Through the terms of ObamaCare, small businesses are compelled into closing their doors because of all the hand outs they have to get to their employees. When small business begin to become more successful and make more money, Medicare takes their profits away and gives it to people who don't really need it. ObamaCare and Medicare have both taught ignorant Americans to not get a job because they can get the same amount of money in the form of a hand out instead of actually working for it and contributing to the economy. The tax breaks for small firms and other factors are reliant by how much small businesses spend on health coverage (Harrison). Tax breaks are only given out is small businesses give a lot of health coverage. When small businesses save money, they can't keep some of it to distribute evenly, they have to give it out to their employees. If small businesses have to pay more money because of ObamaCare, employees collect less money and receive those costs given to their employers. ObamaCare is constraining small business employers and employees. Only 6 million people will obtain a decreased premium, while out of 17 million people, about 11 million individuals who acquire health care through small businesses will notice their premiums inflate (Harrison). About 11 million people, though small businesses , will have their premiums increase. 6 million people are able to get lower premiums. About two-thirds of small businesses offer health insurance to their employees. Medicare is for the most part closing small businesses everywhere. Accordingly, ObamaCare is ruining small businesses altogether.

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...d to be exposed to the truth. Everyone must know the destruction of society through ObamaCare, Medicare, and the welfare system. All these programs give handouts to people who really don't need them at all. The government is wasting money and ruining the economy by giving these hand outs to people. ObamaCare and Medicare are also hurting small businesses by giving businesses high taxes that small businesses can't handle. People will continue to receive hand outs because they don't want to work. The U.S. is being demolished by the welfare system.Welfare is a waste of money, ObamaCare is destroying small businesses, and ObamaCare penalizes hard workers. In order to fix these problems there has to be some sort of health care reform. People in today's society are too apathetic to go out a get a job but they are perfectly content about going to get a welfare check.

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