The Wedding Story: The Story Of Azlaa's Wedding

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Shifa led Shanoo towards the big bedroom. The first thing Shanno noticed in the room was the beautiful wedding attire for Shifa. She examined the whole dress without blinking an eye. 'Where did you get this dress from? ' 'Azlaan gave it to me, he wants me to wear this for the wedding. ' Shifa said looking at the girl who was mesmerized by the fine work done in the lehenga. 'Oh Shifa, this is so grand, just feel the fabric, it 's pure georgette, embellished with dabka and zardozi. And the design on it is so intricate, it must be very expensive. ' Shifa could only smile at her enthusiasm, unlike Shanno, she could not understand the material and it 's convolute design, but one thing was certain, it must have cost a fortune. Then she remembered how Azlaan said, that it was made by his dad for his mom, maybe they decided to save this attire for their future daughter in law. That was the tradition. Could she wear this? the marriage…show more content…
Not wanting to disappoint her, Shifa nodded her head and started paying attention to Iffat bi 's direction.Very soon, Iffat bi, had turned from a very loving maternal figure, into a strict military person, making sure everything was going according to the ritual within the short time limit. But Shifa was overjoyed by all the preparation. She knew she was among the experts who would make this event a memorable one for her. She would thoroughly enjoy herself without thinking of what was going to happen in the future. So what, if the wedding was only temporary, who knows when she was going to retain her memory back, this was the time to make new memories with such wonderful people, who were trying very hard to make her happy. With this she started the rituals on a happy note and the flow of the wedding preparation made her forget that she was just a lost girl with no memory of her

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