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The website association of American medical colleges (AAMC) is an extremely beneficial for all students in the medical field whether you are a potential student, pre medical/medical student, or residency. American Medical College was founded in 1876 and is constructed by medical students, doctor, and professors located in District of Columbia This website has countless articles with brilliant insights on how to balance school and life corresponding with husband and kids, the MCAT exam and information on how to decide which profession to approximate and pursue in the medical field. I discovery the website to be present incredibly helpful as a step mother/fiancé to a premed student, full time employee and premedical student this website gives me a lot of support and guidance as well as important information. After viewing and studying the AAMC website I would highly recommend this website to anyone who is also has the goal of obtaining a medical degree like myself. As a premed student you spend a lot of time contemplating whether or not your goal is reachable and it is a battle face as you look at your future. This battle becomes especially hard when you have a toddler at home that you don’t want to miss unmeasurable important memories as they grow up that you might miss out on. The thought of “will I miss out on their lives just to fail one day” is a endless thought that runs your emotions every day. Furthermore this website also has important information about preparing for medical school on a reliable and credible website is nearly impossible. This website has countless helpful articles from real people just like myself that motivate and helps me see my goal as an achievable dream that will come true. In the first article it... ... middle of paper ... ...s in her article. As a mother/wife in medical school she explains the importance of everything having to be organized and balanced but it is an achievable goal and not to give up when things become messy. “There have been many parents who has successfully completed medical school before you” this article can be a great advantage for support for anyone going through the motions of doubt and worry as they apply for school. The evidence of the importance of the Association Of American Medical Colleges is shown throughout the essay with multiple reasons it extremely helpful, whether it be a student running through the motion and stress of medical school or a permed student getting prepared to apply for school. In addition this website is helpful to anyone inquiring to find out what it takes to become a doctors and if they have personality skills to be a great Doctor.

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