The Ways Of Society And Social Media

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The ways that society and social media has instilled into many teenage girls and boys that the ideal body is one that is skinny or muscular, has a flat stomach, thigh gaps, long skinny legs, big butts, and big boobs. People that are built this way are considered beautiful and are looked highly upon while those who are thick, fat, and have chunkier thighs and stomach is looked at by everyone as being a disgusting piece of trash that’s worthless and shouldn’t have a part in everyday life unless they change the way they look. Many young adolescent then proceed to take extreme precautions to try and lose all of the unwanted weight to achieve their ideal body. The steps they take to lose weight quickly leads to the development of eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. These disorders allow them to lose all of the weight that they think shouldn’t be on their body in an unhealthy way. Anorexia and bulimia is becoming a worldwide epidemic that many don’t know is taking place and because of this it can be considered a silent death note for many. Girls and boys can both have eating disorders however, it is more common in girls than it is in boys. The media is a prime suspect as to why many females become anorexic and bulimic. They showcase to the world models and celebrities that have these perfect bodies that everyone adores and loves. Their bodies have to be slender, have thigh gaps, decent size boobs and big butts, and if they have a body with anything more than this then they are looked at as a disgrace and society starts to judge and look at them differently. Women like this are the ones that most girls look up too, and most young females want their ideal body to be just like the models they see. If not that, then... ... middle of paper ... ...pist. All their family and friends want to do is help them while all they want to do is be left alone so they can continue their so-called healthy way of life. People that are dealing with these eating disorders need to be helped as soon as possible. They may not see the harm that they are inflicting upon themselves so they need people to help guide them see that what they are doing to their body isn’t healthy for their body, mind, and the relationships between the people around them. Young female and male adolescents need to know that it isn’t all about what they look and it is okay to love their body how it is and not try to make it something that it shouldn’t be. It’s all about having a healthy weight, healthy mindset, and having healthy relationships and not trying to look like a favorite model or celebrity whose body isn’t completely theirs and is underweight.
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