The Way of the Inquisitor

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A heretic is any person or group that has a different view then the Catholic Church. Prior to the mid-eleventh century the judicial process was called the Trial by ordeal. With an increasing threat of heresy against the church a new system would be created, The Inquisition was that system. The Inquisition would take many forms and many causes; however one part of the Inquisition that would never change is the process of record keeping. What would seem the most simple of tasks would become the greatest tool in the conviction of heretics. To talk about the process that was used during the Inquisition to find heretics we first must identify who the Inquisitors were. Document 37 identifies that at the beginning of the Inquisition at The Council of Toulouse it was established that those who would be sent to investigate heresy would a priest and two laymen determined by the archbishop of the area (Peters 1980). This was shown to be problematic with priest overextending the power given, making weak conclusions or obtaining false confessions (Deane 2011, 97). What this would lead to was ...
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