The Way Jews Were Treated During the Holocaust

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The way that Jews were treated during the Holocaust was harshful and crule to do to humans. The reason that the whole Holocaust started was with a man name Hitler and how he rose to power. Hilter had a horrible back story, when Hitler was very young and his twin brother died. While he grew up his father would offen harm Hilter in some way. The thing that many people doesn't know about Hitler is that he didn't grow up in Germany, but born in a a near by county. Hilter had a active liking for the arts and he adored to draw and paint, but his father disapproved of him drawing. He applied to an art school, but was turned down. Hilter then became more interseted in politices. Then he set up a team called the Nazi party and they tried to overthrow the dictator. It was a fail and Hitler was put into jail, while in jail he wrote a book which end up to sell millions of copies. Hitler was let out early do to good behaver. Hilter made a plan to work his way up in the goverment. . When Hitler finally was elected as the dictator he made it legal to kick Jew out of there homes and send them to conservation camps. The whole reason that he did all of this was because he though that Jew and other racial groups were the reason that Germany lost the war.

The effects on the Holocaust casted many shadows on the world and the ways that Jews lived there life. The Holocaust started beacuse Hitler wanted to attack someone for the reason that Germany lost the war and all of the grouped that Hitler picked were all brought on by sterotypes.He worked his way up he kicked more and more Jew out of goverment jobs, such as judges, lawers, and secertaries. The only way that they wouldn't have any power anymore. Many Jews were kicked out of there houses, so that t...

... middle of paper ... The idea of the reason why he learned about the Holocaust in a whole is to be able to see and hear what Jews went threw and who there live had changed in a blink of the eye. The reason that we study about the war is to have the idea that Germany was winning the war and if it wasn't the allie power then the war could have been won by Germany. The last thing is the reason why we read and look into the Diary of Anne Frank and the reason for that is the it show what she had to go though as a indivational person. It show what was it like to be in hiding and what she hear about the war and the outside world. There could be many different reasons on why exactly we study the Holocaust but the main reason is that it send the messge to everyone around the world that is was wrong and unjustice and if anyone would do this they would be killed for a act of wrong to humans.
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