The Way An Italian Family Works

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The way an Italian family works is very simple, the women tend to the household duties and take care of the family, then the men are in charge and work to support the family. Everything that the women have to attend to includes cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children. Arriving early for holidays is crucial for Italians mainly because the women have to begin cooking but also because of all the different food that has to be cooked. The Scotti family, which would be my papá’s side celebrated thanksgiving at my Aunt Angela and Uncle Al’s house. Everyone who came would be my mother, my papá, his four brothers and his sister including their spouses, a bunch of my cousins and then my great Aunt Angie. One thing that Italians value is family but another is gender roles. My immediate family; my mother, my papá and I don’t follow these rules as much as the Scotti side of the family. My mother is german which means I 'm half Italian and half German. We do follow some of these gender roles, for example, my mother and I clean and cook but I also have two jobs and my papá cooks for us ...

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