The Watergate Scandal

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Naimul Mannan 3/26/14 805 SS Exit Project: The Watergate Scandal Rough Draft In history, America has experienced its ups and downs as it progressed as a nation. Trusting our leaders, such as our government and of course our president, we run together as a democracy and progress to a better future. But, there was one incident where one president tarnished the name of the label of being a trustworthy president. His name was Richard M. Nixon. Our 37th President was said to be involved in the famous Watergate Scandal. So the question that lies ahead is: How did the Watergate scandal impact America? Telling this from the present, the Watergate scandal turned out to be a controversial event in the history of the US. But, in the eyes of the public, it served as a life lesson for America. Guided Question #1: What was the cause/reason behind the Watergate scandal? Starting from the very beginning, it all began on June 17, 1972. Frank Willis, a security guard at the Watergate Building, which is located in Washington D.C., discovered something that caught his attention. Apparently, there was a piece of tape on the locking mechanism on the door that lead into the stairwell. Arising suspicion overwhelmed the young security officer and he phoned the Metropolitan Police Department. Three officers started to search the building for any possible traces of invasion. Connecting the dots, they realized that the Democratic National Committee booked out on the 6th floor. Using that information, the three officers went up to the sixth floor and to their surprise, found five men in suits and surgical gloves filing through documents in Deputy Party Chairman Stanley Griegg’s office. The five were soon arrested and ta... ... middle of paper ... ...lish the nation that we all want. And yet again, we’ll face almost similar obstacles. Although not quite like the Watergate scandal, humans will always make mistakes. And together, it’s just a matter of how react to it and maintain the conflict at hand. And as right now (in modern time), we really need that now. We all heard about how the United States and Russia might be going at each other’s throat at this point and time, but we as a country must stay strong. If our president falls, we must stay strong. Even though the Watergate had a negative impact on our country, we can still take this as a good lesson for America. After all, we grow stronger from making mistakes and make sure we don’t make these mistakes again. Therefore showing that the Watergate scandal all-in-all had a negative effect on our nation but in the eyes of some- was for the better of the nation.

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