The War on Terror and the aAbuse of Human Rights

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September 11, 2001 was the date of one of the worst terrorist attacks ever to this day, this event has drastically change how people live everyday life, and also the course of history. In the morning on September 11th three planes were hijacked, with the intended purpose of killing American civilians. Two of these three planes were flown into the towers of the world trade center, while the third was aimed at the pentagon. Because of this for the last decade the United States, among other countries, has fought a war on terror around the world that has resulted in new laws and policies that have drastically taken away the rights of human beings both in foreign countries and domestically.
The war on terror has changed the lives of millions of people around the world irreparably. This war did not just start over night however, there were plenty of signs that led up to the war. The biggest sign was the attacks of 9/11 in which thousands of people were killed in cold blood. This led the United States into a long and confusing battle against a basically unknown opponent and for the past decade has led to fighting all around the Middle East.
Throughout the past decade the United States has abused their power over and over again, even if it is attempt to fight terrorism, the U.S. should always do its best to stick true to its core values. The American Government has pasted bills and laws that stretch far beyond their right, taking the law into a gray area that enables the United States to abuse its powers and hurt innocent civilians leaving them with little rights. As a country we learned that overreaction leads to poor policy choice, and eventually this led to torture and abuse of not only terrorists, but helpless civilians. Although...

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