The War of the Roses

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England is a trail blazer in many forms, it has taught us about government, leadership and the arts; however its history has been tarnished by this war. It was 1453, England was recovering from a horrific Hundred Years War and the terrifying black death, it was a defining moment for England and it’s citizens, with its unstable leadership, the country was ready to collapse (“War of the Roses”, 1) With these damaging actions, a civil war was about to occur. The effects of this war was detrimental to England, the War of the Roses caused political, social and economic disadvantages to England. With an unstable leader, recovery from a long, hard war with France and the mourning from the excessive deaths from the Black Plague, England was at the brink of a civil disaster. Both the houses of York and Lancaster could claim having lineage to the throne, (“War of the Roses” 1). England was coming back from the Black Plague which caused mass inflation in the price of crops because of the lack of farmers and mass feudalism in England caused conflicting loyalties, and in turn no clear leader. The House of York could claim close lineage to the throne as could the House of Lancaster; this caused political chaos which would haunt England and weaken the already unstable monarchy. Though the powerful house of Lancaster had control of the monarchy, they ruled until King Edward the V had died, his heir, a small boy. This was the perfect opportunity for the House of York, with only advisors for the young king, it was the perfect time to bring their close lineage with the House of Lancaster and take their rightful place at the throne. (Salisbury, 241.) The government was already weak and any sudden change could throw the country into anarchy, the h... ... middle of paper ... ...somehow, and the entire country was walking on a bridge, just waiting for the country to crash, the close bloodlines fed the fire, it gave the house of York a chance to bring their name into the monarchy with the death of the their former king, the next in line was only a baby, this was the perfect opportunity for York. Another disadvantage with contributed to the start of the War of the Roses was the recovery from the black plague, Britain had lost thousands of farmers and its unstable economy couldn’t afford another war. Finally, the lack of information being given to the lower classes, both sides had no idea of what was happening, much less how much of a dire state they were in. Regardless of the reasons, a civil war was going to occur, it was destructive and caused hardships, but let England come out a power, with a new government, and a mindset to make change.

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