The War in Vietnam

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The War in Vietnam Despite the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in the North of Vietnam the French forced the communists out of the south of Vietnam and took over the northern city of Haiphong. This led to the Indochinese War, from 1946-1954. During this war, the French controlled the major cities and the Vietminh controlled the countryside. The French needed some new tactics, and their new military leader, General Navarre was the man for with the ideas. General Navarre tried to coax the Vietminh and their General out of their covered positions in order to crush them with the superior firepower. In late 1953 French paratroopers took control of Dien Bien Phu and built a fortified garrison with an inner ring of strongpoints. Navarra assumed that the Vietminh would not be able to move heavy artillery into positions on the hills surrounding the plateau, but they did, using 50,000 peasants to move 200 pieces of artillery and 25,000 shells. On 13th March 1954 the siege of Dien Bien Phu began. The Vietminh guerrillas quickly overran the outposts and for over a month concentrated all their firepower on the French base. On 7th May the Vietminh defeated the French. This was the first time a South East Asian country had defeated a major country. The Vietminh were growing stronger, and with the help of extreme training and the supply of weapons, their strength continued to grow. In 1949 Mao Zedongs' communists seized power in China and began training Vietnamese guerrillas and supplying them with modern weapons. This placed extra pressure on the USA to help the French in the fight against the spread of communism, even ... ... middle of paper ... for reinforcements to arrive. They were also hoping that the South Vietnamese people would rise up with them, overthrow the South Vietnamese government and force the US out of South Vietnam. However, the US troops and ARVN fought back and defeated the Tet offensive. From every point I have managed to translate in this essay, it would appear that the USA was increasingly involved in the conflict in Vietnam. By January 1968, the USA had 500,000 troops stationed in South Vietnam. From 1962, where the USA had 100,000 troops in Vietnam, it went to an extreme of 530,000 troops in 1969. This to me seems a bit extreme if they are not getting involved. Also, General Westmoreland asked for another 200,000 troops to finish off the war. This proves that the US was becoming increasingly involved in the conflict in Vietnam.

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