The War On The German Economy

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WW II On June 28th 1918 England, France, Germany, Italy and United States signed the treaty of Versailles. President Wilson devised a fourteen point plan that he believed would bring stability to Europe and prevent any future wars. However France and England felt that Germany should be severely punished for starting WW I. Article 231 which known as the “War Guilt Clause” demanded land concessions and reparations from Germany which would amount to $31 billion in 1921 and valued at $442 billion in 2014. The consequence of the war on the German economy in 1921 was bleak and compounded by hyperinflation in the mid 1920’s and the Great Depression. Germany unemployment rates soared to eleven million. With such a high unemployment rate and inflation on food in Germany, the German people were dissatisfied with their government and yearned for an answer to their dire economics conditions making them susceptible to the articulated speaking skills of a madman named Adolf Hitler. In 1923 Adolf Hitler attempted to overthrow Munich to seize power. The coup failed and resulted in Hitler’s imprisonment. During his imprisonment Hitler wrote his memoir “Mein Kampf” which was a detailed plan for world domination. Hitler was released in 1924 and he gained popularity quickly for his opposition to the newly empowered “Reichstage” party. This was possible because the “Reichstage” party inability to help its citizen recover from economical disaster and because of the Treaty of Versailles in which the German government made major concessions after the end of WW I. Hitler slowly convinced the people of Germany that the effects of capitalism and communism on the world and within his country’s political system steamed from corruption within the Re... ... middle of paper ... stationed in these areas. The first reference to the initial gassing at Auschwitz was found in a note on October 24th, 1941. “At the beginning of October, eight hundred and fifty Russian officers and non-commissioned officers (prisoners of war) who were brought to Auschwitz were subjected to die by gas in order to experiment with a new type of war gas that is to be used on the Easter Front”. In one account compiled by a Czech teacher fleeing May 1942 reads, “The worst reputation is enjoyed by the concentration camp at Oswiecim near Cracow. Not only are the victims of German cruelty tortured and mishandled in the usual German fashion, but the efficacy of German poison gases is even tried on them and other experiments are made with them”. Each year the war dragged on, eleven million people will die, that number would include civilians and military personnel.
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