The War On Drug Abuse

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Johann Hari is a journalist from Britain who has won several awards including the prestigious Orwell Price. His columns have appeared in The Huffington Post, The Independent and The New Statesman. But it is his new book titled, ‘Chasing the Scream’ that has won the heart of many readers for his excellent and timely release that features the war on drug abuse. The book entails an in-depth analysis and research on nine countries which the author embarked for three years and is approximated to be around thirty thousand miles regarding the distance covered. The nine countries include Canada, the United States of America, Portugal, the Great Britain, Sweden, Mexico, Vietnam, Switzerland and Uruguay (Hari, 2015). Hari base his book on the notion that drug abuse is not what most of us think it is or what people presume it is. Drug addiction is not what we have been taught to be, and the drug war is far from what the politicians do in the eye of the public (Harris, 2016). In short, people live on the basic principles of assumptions about drugs which is wrong. Such a beginning gives the reader the zeal and suspense to know what the whole book entail and how and why Hari gives such remarks. The first and the last days of drug war start with a historical overview on the war on drug in the United States. Hari proceeds by analyzing the life of an ancient legend on the drug war, Harry Anslinger. From 1930 to 1962 he was the commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics in the US (Hari, 2015). On his tenure law on fighting drugs were formulated and implemented. But that was just another scream as Hari states, not enough to bring to an end the abuse of narcotics in the US. Though his efforts are still recalled in the war on drug, much was not a... ... middle of paper ... ... yet still participating in the trade. They also use the money to protect themselves from facing the law when they are caught in corruption, for example, Hari depicts that during the tenure of Anslinger the war on drugs could not succeed because he was corrupt (Krieg, 2016). He protected the drug dealers after being given cash not to reveal them. It is such a shame for a society to live in a corrupt environment. In conclusion, despite the book having some minimal erroneous conclusion and gauche journalistic voice, Chasing the Scream is a masterpiece on the war on drugs. Hari did an incredible work to compile all his research and yet bring up an interesting book on a timely topic. It is an excellent contribution to the urgent debate on drugs. I would, therefore, recommend the book to any person who can read and want to know where the modern world lies on the drug war.
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