The War Of The World War II

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During WWI the Central Powers—Germany, Austria, Hungary and the Ottoman Empire would threaten freedom all over Europe. In August of 1914 German forces would quickly invade the neutral country of Belgium and part of northern France however they were not able to push any further and the French were unable to push German forces out, and for the next four years neither German nor French trench lines would move in any direction. (580) These trench lines would not move in either direction until the U.S. becomes involved in the conflict. The U.S. would also come to see a threat to their freedom when a German submarine sank the H.M.S Lusitania killing 124 Americans (581) and would later see an even greater threat to their freedom in March of 1917 when British spies intercepted and made public the Zimmerman Telegram. (582) The Zimmerman Telegram was a message by German foreign secretary Arthur Zimmerman asking Mexico to join the war against the U.S. in return for German support in recovering territory lost in the Mexican War of 1846-1848. (582) With such a blatant and direct threat being made to American freedom, Woodrow Wilson would, justifiably, go before congress on April 2nd asking them to declare war on Germany, this is where he uttered the famous words “ The world must be made safe for democracy.”(582) Once war was declared the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) were created and put under General John Joseph Perishing’s command. During the Battle of St. Mihiel, and the Battle of Argonne the AEF and Allied forces where able to recover over two hundred square miles of French territory from the German army. Before the U.S. became involved in the war, it was at a standstill with French and Germany trench lines that hadn’t moved in four... ... middle of paper ... ...a In order to prevent them from taking all of Korea. In order to prevent any further conflict the U.S. and the Soviet Union agreed to divide Korea temporarily along the 38th Parallel into a communist North Korea and an anticommunist South Korea, undemocratic but aligned with the U.S.(715) However in 1950 North Korea would cross into South Korea and the United Nations Security Council would declaring the North Korean attack a breach of the peace and would assign the President of the U.S. as its executive agent to prosecute the war. With the entire population of South Korea at risk of falling under communist control and with the backing of the U.N. the U.S. would send troops to defend South Korea. Although the Korean War ultimately ended in a stalemate, U.S. involvement helped stop the spread of communist control and that alone justifies U.S. involvement in this War.

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